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Belgian Hip-Hop Legacy #1 : Brussels Rap Convention

To mark the 40th anniversary of Belgian hip-hop culture and the 50th anniversary of international hip-hop, Melodiggerz is launching a series of exclusive lectures on the founding records of Belgian hip-hop.

For the occasion, emblematic figures have been invited to talk about the major records of Hip-Hop culture in Belgium, share a slice of history and delve (back) into the origins of this movement.

The first conference will present the Brussels Rap Convention, the record that laid the foundations of hip-hop culture in Belgium in 1990.

40 years later, the movement has evolved, grown, structured, flourished, institutionalised and diversified, and is now part of world culture.

Using archive footage and the testimony of Defi-J, the figurehead of the BRC project, the public will discover why B.R.C is considered to be the founding record of Hip-Hop culture in Belgium and how Hip-Hop subsequently evolved.



Defi-J : Leader of BRC and co-founder of the Zulu Nation (Belgian chapter)
DJ Grazzhoppa : Godfather of Belgian hip-hop


Sonny Mariano : Archivist and co-founder of Melodiggerz


19:00: Doors open
19:30: Conference with Defi J
21:00: Release party for DJ Grazzhoppa’s new album “72”

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