We're preserving the Belgian Hip Hop musical Heritage
35 Years Of Grazzhoppa Cuts

35 Years Of Grazzhoppa Cuts

This year the Belgian Hip-Hop culture celebrates 30 years of record productions.

It also celebrates the 35th anniversary of the career of one of the best Hip-Hop DJs in Europe and the world!

Without the humility, passion, generosity and friendliness of this artist, Melodiggerz would no longer be able to buy and archive Belgian Hip-Hop productions.

Since 1993 he has appeared on more than 450 vinyl, CD and cassette tapes.

Over the years he has always succeeded in mixing quality and quantity. And his name often crops up in discussions among music lovers – especially DJs.

To the question of which project he is most proud of, he answers that that project is yet to come…

And when we call him for an event, a collaboration or an interview, he usually answers:

“I’m coming, there’s no problem… Trofor fieu!”

Grazz, the Melodiggerz team wanted to thank you for all the cuts and positive vibes you have been spreading for 35 years.

Thank you also for everything you have done for the Belgian Hip-Hop culture. Congratulations on this incredible career!

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