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Sonny Mariano est un grand passionné de musique très actif sur la scène hip hop de Belgique. Originaire de La Louvière, il revient dans cet entretien sur les origines de Melodiggerz et les raisons qui l’ont poussé à créer cette structure avec son équipe, les missions qu’ils se sont données, les différentes réalisations depuis le lancement du projet, ainsi que l’agenda des évènements à venir. Tout à commencé lors d’une exposition qu’il a organisée à Carnières en 2016 intitulée “25 ans de disques” dans laquelle il s’était donné comme objectif de présenter toutes les productions discographiques de hip hop belge sorties ces 25 dernières années, un travail énorme qui lui a valu une certaine reconnaissance, l’a amené à rencontrer d’autres gens aussi passionnés que lui et de là est née l’idée de poursuivre l’action à travers une structure. Toujours positif quelles que soient les circonstances, Sonny explique comment l’équipe s’est adaptée aux restrictions imposées par la crise sanitaire pour finalement mettre tout ce temps à profit et renforcer le développement de Melodiggerz.


L’augmentation, is the life story of those who make Hip-Hop in Belgium.

From the old to the new generation, this podcast paints a picture of the actors of Belgian rap through anecdotes and key moments in their lives…

For this first episode, Louis welcomes Sonny Mariano, one of the founders of Melodiggerz, who works to preserve Belgian Hip-Hop culture. Passionate about rap, he has been collecting Belgian Hip-Hop records, organising concerts and managing the artist Melfiano for more than 10 years.



On 29 October 2022, 33 Carats-Webzine presented “L’objet Rap”: meetings, discussions and a DJ set at Flow – Centre Eurorégional des Cultures Urbaines.

The #5 issue of the magazine was also available with a focus on archiving Belgian Hip-Hop and Melodiggerz – interspersed with articles/interviews on Benny The Butcher, Kendrick Lamar, Médine, Driver, Isha, Kalash, Nicholas Craven, etc.

The Fantastic Four

Since the early 90’s, important Belgian Hip-Hoppers have left their mark on Belgian records released in Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia.

These pioneers include Defi-JDJ SonarSmimooz and DJ Grazzhoppa.


In 1990, Defi-J, with the help of his mentor Rumky, releases the project: “Brussels Rap Convention” (BRC).

The album, recorded between May and June, contains contributions from Rayer (later RAB), H.B.B. Band ‘N Ko and Shark from Paris. Phil One is behind the turntables.

The release of the album is followed by performances on stage and on television.

The tracks “Fly Girl” and “Couleur Noire” are also released as maxi-single.

BRC unconsciously and spontaneously lays the musical foundations of Belgian Hip-Hop. The record will be a reference piece for the next generation of artists.


Grazzhoppa began his DJ career in 1985 and won the European DMC title in 1991.

Around 1993, he met the rapper Blade at “Groove Records”, a record shop in London.

Soon after, they went on tour to Amsterdam, London and several German cities.

Blade then asked Grazzhoppa to put his very first cuts on his vinyl “Clear The Way/ They Ain’t Shit To Me”.

That same year, Grazzhoppa releases “Rhyme Cut Core – Raw Break/At The Crossroads” with TLP on 691 Influencial, Blade‘s label.

This record is the first trace of a Hip-Hop recording in the Flemish region.


Still in 1993, the H-Posse, composed of Seg, Sly-D, Serge MC (later Baloji), Fredalabass, DJ Mig-One and DJ Sonar, launch the first Hip-Hop project in Wallonia with the support of the Maison des Jeunes du Thier-A-Liège and the French Community; the compilation: “Fidèles au Vinyl”.

Malfrats Linguistik (aka Akro and Mista.R), Level-Bass (RIP) from Liège and the bands CQFD and K-Particulier from the region of Mons are also present on this compilation.

The album gets recorded in La Louvière and printed in 1000 copies. It will be promoted in youth centres, in Quebec, at the Dour Festival, … but also in the TV show “Freestyle” by Torch in Germany.

One year later, Monsieur R (Mista.R) leaves for France to join Le Ménage A 3 and Sly-D goes solo with his maxi “Histoires de Pierrot”.

In 1997, the remaining members of the H-Posse, then forming the Malfrats Linguistiques, are invited on the track “Opération Starflam” from the Phat Unda Compil featuring Pavé and Kaer.

This collaboration cements the official Starflam formation.


In 1995, De Puta Madre (Smimooz, Pee Gonzales, Rayer and DJ Grazzhoppa) release the classic Une ball dans la tête on the independent label 9mm Recordz.

Smimooz is in charge of the musical concept and Grazzhoppa puts cuts on certain tracks.

Since then, Smimooz has continued to impress his fans on numerous Belgian Hip-Hop records, including “Calmage”, “Shady Sirens”, “Les Deux Fils De Pute”, and “9mm Parabellum”.

In 2020, Une ball dans la tête is still widely regarded by music lovers as one of the best Belgian musical productions of all genres.

Still active in 2020, these four pioneers have participated in the emergence of Belgian Hip Hop and have been involved in countless projects over the past 30 years.

In spite of this, these talented artists have not received the media coverage and recognition they deserve. This is why Melodiggerz wishes to highlight their careers.

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