We're preserving the Belgian Hip Hop musical Heritage


We are a collective of passionate belgian diggerz and event organizers.
Together we pursue the following goals

  • Safeguarding and promoting the heritage of Belgian Hip-Hop culture ;
  • Beeing a springboard for new talent on the local scene ;
  • Broadening and renewing the Hip-Hop audience ;
  • Promoting interculturality, intergenerationality, respect, non-discrimination and the search for a better life in society ;
  • Bringing together and bringing into play the Walloon, Brussels and Flemish hip-hop communities.


Redbull Elektropedia

25 ans de disques 2.0“, widely acclaimed by insiders and the general public alike, received the 2018 the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards : The Vinyl Frontiers in the “Outstanding Contribution” category.

Sonny Mariano and his team gave us a unique insight into the Belgian history of Hip-Hop. The presentation of their second exhibition was ingenious and featured a stage that was previously mainly active in avant-garde circles. Despite a limited budget, 25 Years of Records 2.0 managed to put together something grandiose, and deserves much more attention for their next edition, which hopefully will follow very soon!

Red Bull Elektropedia


In 2020, Melodiggerz won the Play Right Plus prize for its project “30 Years of Records (1990-2020)” highlighting 30 years of Belgian Hip-Hop recording heritage and the artists who have built up the music scene in Belgium as well as participated in its development.

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