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Mr. Rens is the godfather of hip-hop culture in the Centre region, and the DJ of choice for Melodiggerz! With his roots in black music dating back to the early ’90s, he introduced his family and future generations to this musical genre, as well as all the other styles it spawned (soul, funk, etc.). At the height of hip-hop’s golden age, he developed his musical culture and distributed his mixtapes between Music Mania (Brussels), Fat Beat (Amsterdam) and Groove Attack (Cologne). At the beginning of 2000, Mr. Rens’s bookshop in Manage quickly became the epicenter of hip-hop for music lovers and enthusiasts. He recorded local rappers and produced their mixtapes over a long period, during which he became resident DJ at the Taverne du Théâtre in La Louvière. He then multiplied his combinations (Alien Bitesize, Poladroïd, etc.) and mixed at venues such as Beurschouburg, the Montreal Jazz Off Festival, Eurythmics (Ex-BSF), etc. He regularly tours with the likes of Jazz Lab and Les Lundis d’Hortense. In early 2010, he formed the Stereo Bastards team, a DJ crew with DJ Mellow, Red Ant, DJ Sleemo and DJ Zetoum. Together, they mixed regularly for 3 years at the Bonnefoi in Brussels. He then went solo again, notably for 2 editions of Shooto & MMA Belgium at the Spiroudôme in Charleroi and for 4 editions of the Rassemblement de Arts Urbains in La Louvière.

In 2017, Mr. Rens took part in the historic Belgian hip-hop exhibition « 25 ans de disques 2.0 » organized by Sonny Mariano and his team, alongside renowned artists (DJ Grazzhoppa, Smimooz, Defi-J, …). In 2019, he will join the Melodiggerz structure, with which he will multiply his livestream mixes dedicated to Belgian hip-hop. Last year, he celebrated 20 years in the business at the Parc de Bruxelles as part of the Flashback sessions, and at the Centre culturel le Sablon (Morlanwelz) as opening act for Melfiano. In 2022, Mr. Rens releases with Zami Zulu the mixtape (K7) « Strictly Belgian Hip-Hop Vol.1 » produced by Melodiggerz and takes part in the 50th birthday of legendary DJ Grazzphoppa! He recently kicked off Melfiano’s autumn tour with a dozen dates including support slots for Faf Larage & DJ Djel and James Deano. Mr. Rens’ debut album is due out on vinyl in late 2023.


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